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22 Homemade Transmission Solenoid Tester DIY

Test Trasmission Solenoid allows in any conditions, even in a garage or at home, to conduct a professional test of the operability of automatic transmission and DSG solenoids.

The Transmission Solenoid Tester costs about $ 150. Today, the Solenoid Tester DIY capabilities allow you to work with all known types of solenoids. Restrictions on adapters only.

The device is designed to visually check the performance of automatic transmission (AT) and DSG solenoids and is a cheap alternative to industrial solenoid testers.

The principle of operation of a homemade solenoid tester is to air test the solenoid and compare the graph of the solenoid under test with the graph of the reference solenoid of the sample. For a specific solenoid model, adapters are needed, which you can print yourself on a 3D printer by creating a drawing or buying it from us. The cost of a file for printing on a 3D printer in STL format is $ 20 per transmission model. That is, if the 8HP45 transmission uses 3 different types of solenoids, then for $ 20 you get three STL files for three types of solenoids.

Here it is described in more detail.

The advantageous differences between the Transmission Solenoid Tester and the industrial ones are:

     1. Low cost of equipment. (the calculation is carried out without the cost of a computer!)

  • a) Transmission Solenoid Tester DIY program plus assembled test device test board (found inside the test device) - $ 100
  • Homemade tester for automatic transmission solenoids
  • b) Compressor (the most expensive purchase). I am using a quiet HYUNDAI HYC-1406S compressor. This compressor has a low noise level during operation and does not require additional noise insulation of the room. The approximate noise level is shown in the photo ... ... the average cost is $ 130.
  • c) Power supply 12 volts 13-16 amperes or 200 watts (cost about $ 20). Such power supplies are used in LED lighting systems. You can buy here (not advertising).
  • ADC
  • d) Precision pressure regulator. You can use the IR2020, which costs about $ 20, you can buy here (not advertising). I bought my exact VEX1330 regulator for $ 23 on AVITO.RU. Pay attention to the inlet and outlet diameters of the holes and the diameter of the pressure gauge hole (it can be plugged as unnecessary).
  • e) Fittings and adapters with a total cost of $ 10.
  • f) 3D printer for printing adapters for various solenoids (you can use a friend's printer or find a workshop in your city). With an approximate weight of one adapter of 40 gm, the cost of filament is 40 rubles. for 1 piece (with an average cost of a filament of 1000 rubles per 1 kg).

The total cost with a compressor is about $ 250.

     2. In principle, the Solenoid Tester is a universal device for all types of automatic transmission solenoids and DSGs. You only need to design and print the STL file of an adapter for a specific solenoid. 

You can also inexpensively buy an STL file (worth $ 20) for a specific transmission. This price includes STL files for ALL solenoids. For example, in the 8HP45 transmission there are 3 types of solenoids and all three STL files will cost $ 10

     3. Ability to independently create reference solenoid charts using known working solenoids as references or purchase a reference chart for $ 10. The price includes all reference charts of one transmission. For example, 3 reference charts for an 8HP45 automatic transmission will cost $ 10.

     4. Since air is used in the tests, there is no oil - this is a huge plus - the cleanliness of the workplace. I use this tester at home in an apartment building, having allocated one of the rooms for testing the solenoids. (In the future, I plan to add a temperature sensor and a heater to the program to be able to test solenoids in hot oil in a garage repair).

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