Wiring diagram of the device for the stand for testing the solenoids of automatic transmissions



    The device consists of a PIC12F1822 processor with programmed firmware (the firmware is purchased together with the program). The cost of the control program for the computer and the firmware is 100 USD).

    For programming PIC12F1822 you need to buy a programmer.

    The programmed processor on the territory of Russia is sent by Russian post. The cost of the programmed processor is 500 rubles.

    To control the solenoid, an RDC1-S1 N power MOSFET assembly with an IRL510S N channel transistor is used. It can be bought in the CHIP and DIP store.

  To communicate with a computer, a USB-UART converter based on CP2102 with a USB micro connector is used. It is also possible to use a converter on PL2303.




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